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On Pitching

“Try to make the uncomfortable feel comfortable.”

That simple statement drives my pitching philosophy. A pitcher must have an open mind and a willingness to try new things in order to overcome barriers and perfect their craft.

Pitching is a simple action that requires coordination of very complex movements. Broken down, a pitcher must load, complete low balance and break, stride and separate, transition, throw, finish, and then follow through. Rather than bombard athletes with all these individual movements, I have simplified my philosophy and teaching to three key concepts: balance, direction, and timing.

Balance carries through the entire pitching motion from load through the finish. In order to maintain balance throughout the pitching motion, a pitcher should work to develop their core muscle strength.

Direction keeps the pitcher on the delivery path. By maintaining a straighter delivery, a pitcher will place the ball in a small spot rather than throwing to a general area.

Timing involves both mechanics and release of the pitch. By understanding the timing sequence of the mechanics, a pitcher has more success in the accuracy of weight-shifting movements.

In working to master the mechanics of pitching, it is critical that an athlete also develops an understanding of who they are as a pitcher. Only then can the athlete develop an appreciation of their weaknesses and begin to work towards success. My goal is to develop and train athletes in a manner that allows them to realize their vision–to help them be the pitcher they want to be. I am most successful when I simplify the sport for my athletes so they can focus on their vision.


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